Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy, Hapa, & Genious

Let's start with our 4 extraordinary daughters.
Something about Hapa children is, without a doubt,
the magic of both worlds. Eur-Asian.
In this case, 50% Japanese + a sparkle of
Irish, German, & perhaps a dash of
French & American Indian
(the last 2 seem more rumor than fact in my book).
Beautiful minds & hearts.
A bonus of beauty in their appearance & souls.
Each one with her own special story.
Stay tuned.
My Girls, my happy heart.

Oh, yes, my credo : If my Girls are ever in harm’s way, I am a explosive unstoppable Mama Bear. NEVER, EVER mess with my Girls. I will hunt you down, & haunt you into the next world.

A little sidebar:
I know nothing we endure day -to-day
is close to the enourmous task tackled
by two special parents, Jon & Kate Gosselin.
Feeling like an overwhelmed
going-off-the-deep-end mommy?
Can’t take it anymore??? Take a very deep breath,
& please watch a few episodes of
Enough said.

Incidentally, we are honestly of true Samurai blood. Always be tough, never give up. I remind my children, they will remind their children. So, the Spirit lives on. Generation to generation. Yamato Damashi!

After raising 4 uniquely dazzling daughters, a Granddaughter would have a challenge to bring something new to the All-Girl Family table. No sweat. She is a delicate gift of pure beauty and cerebral wonder. Our own special version of Zippy; a precious gift, bursting with imagination.

(Thank you, Haven Kimmel,
for A Girl Named Zippy - a great read!)
Are we witnessing a photographic memory in our
young cup of magic, or is she just soaking up
every bit of life from dawn’s crack to the
first glint of moondust?
Curiosity with gleeful intelligence and compassion.
Tough as nails; as awesome as any rainbow.
Like her Mom, always making me SMILE.
Always bringing Balance to the Force.
Happy is as Happy does.

A note about a great thinker, Thomas Sowell, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

(Incidentally, his comments about the current Presidential race are the most intellectually correct that I’ve seen. He sees right to the core of the truth.
Truth which could make or break this nation.)

Now, switching subjects to one close to my heart.
The research and resulting books Mr. Sowell wrote
about late talkers, & the often misunderstood
Einstein Syndrome children = priceless.

Thank you, Thomas Sowell, for shining a light on
the intriguing life of our Grandson.
My Little Man.
Intense curiosity in his mesmerizing eyes,

incredible hands, skills & comprehension
so far beyond his age.
Approaching each day so eager to figure out

how things are put together, building,
deconstructing, & always watching.
A busy brain, a very busy brain.
Teaching himself to walk at 8 ½ mos by

intensely watching his Big Sis.
Just jumping on to ride a 2-wheeler & skateboard
at the tender age of 3.
Watch, question, learn, DO IT!
Mundane conversation, not for him,

but look in those huge eyes;
always analyzing, always observing…
movement, performance, technique, relationships.
Teaching himself everything possible,
quickly, precisely.
Curious & happy.
A young Genius in the making.
Oh yes, & idolizing his Big Sister to the max.


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