Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My M.A.N.

M.A.N.~ my 1 & Only Husband’s initials.
And, what a MAN he is.
My partner in life, love, anguish, work,
& wacky adventures for over 35 years.
Very proud Father of our 4 amazing Daughters.
Thrilled as a Grandpa, blasting through
a daily Bowflex routine; gotta stay in shape to
keep up with our 2 incredible Grandkids.
A self-made man, successful General Contractor,
boat & camping lover, sports nut, fixer of all things,
Neighborhood Watch "Captain",
friend to many, foe to few.

He did come with a ton of horrible w/t baggage.
A product of a miserable & deprived childhood,
stuck with a fake back stabbing family,
that still pretends to be attached to each other
in some bizarre fashion.

Full disclosure:
He still smokes outside, even though his dad is dying
from a cancer eating up his lungs.
He snores like a Harley without baffles.
Won't let our dog in the house.
Hasn't completed restoring my '69 Ford Mustang.
Refuses to eat any form of seafood
(traumatic fish stick episode as a child).
Can't seem to complete our
home improvement projects, even though
he is a top notch General Contractor.
It's a good thing he had his feet covered,
when I met him.
He is generous to a fault.
Has no character judgement.
He's absolutely a lunatic magnet.

Regardless, my MAN is a keeper.
He loves & protects us, works until he drops,
never gives up, & always steps up for our Family.
Love you always, my MAN.


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