Monday, July 28, 2008

FAMILY SECRETS Shhhhhhhh…just a sliver…

Chapters end with great illumination or darkness.
I preserve this one as enlightenment.
Our Parents wished to have their ashes set free in the Pacific Ocean; some would touch the shores of California, & some would travel back home to Japan. NO SERVICE, NO FUSS. So, privately, on the sly, the arrangements were made. Just my Brother & I. On a magnificently tranquil sunny day, aboard a perfectly suited yacht, we released the fine pale gray ash into the calm sea, a turbulent swirl of bubbles, colors, and shapes turned the still waters into an sparkly effervescent path; bursting with energy beyond description.
Spectacular surprise!
So, into the West ,
following fragrant lavender & white rose petals,
went our incredible Parents.
An immensely emotional, very private event.
Peace in our hearts.
Goodbye, goodbye, we love you!
(Arigato to Captain Dennis and The Sunset Kidd.)

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