Sunday, July 27, 2008

What Do You Do When Your Husband is a Better Housewife Than you?

My hubby is a hard worker, he works 18 hour days sometimes (not including drive time). He works for the family, and misses the family very much while he is gone. While he works I hold down the fort. Kids up, kid 1 to school, kid 2 play blocks, read books, dishes, laundry, vacuum, food, and a few bootie wipes in between. I never seem to find the time to finish the to dos.

My Hubby on the other hand, when he is able to take some time off, seems to do it all and more. The homestead always looks fresh and clean. Not just tidy like when I clean, but close to perfect. Yard looks great. He cooks too. Honey do list complete and we can all sit down for movie night. How does he do it?

At this point should I feel inadequate, lazy, useless ? Should I throw my Bon Bon's in the trash and get a day job?

Well, in addition to his other talents the hubby also has a way of making me feel like Queen of the Castle, even though he is cleaning it. For this I am so grateful. So to answer the question, what do you do if your husband is a better housewife than you? You thank your lucky stars!



Babi-Q said...

Ohhhhh yes...not to mention that he is the most supportive, loving, & toughest son-in-law everrrrrr. Seriously. The best. Amazing.

Jenni said...

My husband will not win any cleaning awards. He is a horribly messy guy. He starts laundry, but does not/cannot fold or put away. Ever But, he cooks like his nisei grandma. and for that, we are lucky because if it was me cooking, we'd have fruit and mac and cheese 7 nights a week.


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