Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Musings

~ Listening to ~
Kyu Sakamoto :: John Denver
Annie Lennox :: Thee Midnighters
Hiroshima :: John Corbett
The Doors :: James Taylor
Grand Funk Railroad :: Yoyo Ma…

soapstone hearts in my office...
3 year old Little Man + tired Mom

Spirits set free…2006

Dad + Judo Team Award ~ Martial Arts in our lifetime:: In the past, I enjoyed seeing young C.F. take Aikido with Dad. We were so proud of Dad, getting his black belt in Aikido, at age 70. He also had a black belt in Judo. He was a Sensei for both Judo & Aikido. With his insistence, I was in the first Girls’ Judo class at the SFV Japanese American Community Center, back in the ‘60’s. I’ve beamed watching all 4 of my Girls excel in Karate + Kickboxing. I’ve seen my youngest daughter break boards in a Karate exhibition. Back in the day, I helped my brother, Dr B, when he came home with a broken collar bone from Judo (twice!). Last year, he was awarded his black belt in Karate. My Grandfather was taken away by the F.B.I. on Dec.7, right after Pearl Harbor was attacked. They thought he, & my sweet 5 ft. Grandmother, were subversive, because he had a successful Kendo Dojo in Huntington Beach, & was a community leader. They were so wrong. He had the honorable strong blood of a Samurai running through his veins… not the filthy weak blood of a subversive.


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