Monday, August 18, 2008

T.V. Then & Now

Recently, our cable was out for a day,
which meant no computers, no TV.
The computer downtime was
the most annoying.
This seems to happen a little
more since they converted to digital.
Anyway, I started asking the Family
what their favorite TV shows were,
when they were kids, & now.
A spur of the moment topic for the mom blog.
Actually, nobody has time to watch TV
regularly now, but here’s a sample of
what we’ve enjoyed through the years:

m.a.n.: Lassie, Rin-Tin-Tin, Sky King
b.q.: Mickey Mouse Club, Flipper, National Velvet
Dr. B: Superman, Twilight Zone, Star Trek
c.f.: Gidget, Punky Brewster, Silver Spoon
or Facts of Life
bb: Blossom, Punky Brewster, Batman
or X-men cartoons
dd: Saved By The Bell, Blossom, Doug
kk: Rugrats, Boy Meets World, Sesame Street
(especially Elmo)

m.a.n.: Football, Cops, The Unit
b.q.: E.R., Mad Money & Fast Money, '08 Olympics!
Dr. B: [doesn't watch much TV.
Busy doing brain research at UCLA]
c.f.: Everyday Italian, Ace of Cakes,
dd: How It’s Made, Family Guy (sometimes),
bb: Friends, Intervention, The Soup
kk: Intervention, KTLA news, Cops

Occasionally, it's nice to enjoy watching
a recent movie released on HBO
or other premium channels,
or pick a favorite with the On Demand feature.
Discovery always has great shows.
The Food Network has a yummy variety.
Despite the 100s of channels,
I don't really see my Famliy
watching much TV these days.
Life is too busy ~ that's our reality show!


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