Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sweet Dreams

... are made of this!
Sweet dreams. Relax everyone.
20-25 drops of Lavender essential oil
+ 10-15 drops of Peppermint essential oil
+ 5-7 drops of Chamomile essential oil;
mixed with great love in a spray bottle
of distilled or filtered water (8-12 oz.+/-).
Sprayed generously on the Family,
linens, pillows, stuffed animals, & PJs
of everyone = happy peaceful slumber.
Works well on those microwavable
heat packs too (for sore muscles & cramps).
This secret potion was the only thing
that my daughter requested
when she was in labor (x2).
Sprayed on a cool damp towel,
it proved a soothing rescue,
to cool the heat of intense contractions.
Maybe that is why her two precious children,
my incredible grandchildren,
love the scent… it was the first breath
they experienced in this new world.
We’ve used the same combination (less the water)
mixed in chest rubs (like Vicks), to relax & sooth
the congestion of winter colds & coughs.
Aroma therapy at its best.


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