Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Smile of Note

M.A.N. took a day to join his buddies,
P&Son, on a fishing adventure.
The destination was a secret pier,
& they left at 3:00 A.M.
Now, P. always takes his son on their fishing trips.
Son is confined to a wheelchair,
with many challenges. P. must have
the care & accommodations for his son down pat,
because the only comment I’ve heard,
is that it just takes a little longer, coming & going.
A Dad’s unconditional love & commitment;
a treasured gift.
Early start, the trip was a go.
However, due to an unusual occurrence,
this trip took a bit more time. They encountered
an unanticipated difficult search for live bait.
Apparently, once a year, the local Buddhist Monks
pay a price ( not sure how much) for the privilege
of praying for the lives of the bait fish.
After their prayer ceremony, the bait fish
are released back into the ocean waters.
This made for many unhappy fishermen.
All I could say was, “ All life is precious”.
Despite the bait delay, M.A.N. did
catch one nice Halibut.
He also pulled up a sand shark & a stingray,
which were released. I wish he would’ve
remembered to take pictures with his cell phone.
Maybe next time.
Here’s the Halibut we’re having for dinner…I was cleaning it at 11:00 PM, but decided to reconstruct a bit, & take the picture. So, this reminded me of summers at my cousins’ home in Huntington Beach. Uncle I. would go deep sea fishing, & bring home huge tunas. Auntie T. would have to clean them on the kitchen floor. She would give us all small knives, & we’d sit around the massive fish; slicing off tender chunks of fresh sashimi, & enjoying a little feast, while we watched Auntie T's swift cleaning process. Memories with a smile.


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