Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School Dayz

As summer winds down, take a good look
at what your kids are facing in school.
Public School, or any school, for that matter.
We grew up in the Los Angeles area,
attended & graduated from public schools,
and went on to graduate from college.
That seemed to be the common path for all my friends
(except those who were drafted, & ended up
not coming back from in Viet Nam. Bless them.).
Anyway, recent news articles about
the state of our schools prompted me
to make this brief comment:
K -12. So, you call this education. Really?
L.A.U.S.D. 30% + drop out rate???

Give me a break – how are our kids going to
navigate successfully in life with what we
give them in public school?

IF they even stay in school.
HEY - Are you administrators still paying
your chauffeurs more than the teachers?
PTA? Do you just put your money in the envelope,
so your kids can get credit for the membership,
& win a class pizza party?
Even in the few great classes that I’ve seen personally,

there are always significant obstacles
for the dedicated teachers.
Such as:
> Little disruptive i-have-NO-respect-for-nobody

future gangsters who were hatched
in the wrong environment.
> Non-English speakers, who apparently come

from families that think learning English is
unnecessary in this country.
> Parents/Guardians who do not care to

reinforce education at home, & obviously
didn’t stand in the line for parenting skills,
but will scream all day long when their kids
fail the Exit Exam, & can’t graduate from high school.
> Guns in back packs
> Drugs - from the street or stolen from home.
> What is really in those water bottles?
You'd be shocked!
On & on & on.

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