Monday, August 11, 2008

4 Generations, Takin' A Dip!

I succeeded, at great cost,
to rescue the Family Home.
It has to be at least 85 years old;
boldly sitting in the middle of an acre
of aging orange trees.
In the middle of the yard is our secret oasis...
a crystal clear swimming pool;
secluded, old, but beautiful,
& exactly the right size (20’ x 40’!).
The one creation our Dad invested in,
which has provided endless summer fun
for 4 generations of our Family.
Our Parents have both passed away,
but this everlasting pool is
part of their respected legacy.
We were all there yesterday,

for one of our last summer swims.
Laughing, sunning, racing laps,
teaching the 2 youngest to swim & dive.
It’s priceless. Life is great.
You can almost see the smiling,
beaming faces of our Parents;
watching the happiness grow,
the hours of endless fun in their Pool.
The wacky diving, jumping, splashing.
Everyone is content at the Pool.
The troubles and drama of the world wash away.
It’s always been the center of
summertime magic for our Family.
We love it!


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