Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pet Peeves Cont....

  • Litterbugs. Slobs that throw their fast food trash, beer cans, smokes out of their car window. Slobs that leave their shiat at the beach or park so my kids can pick it up and add it to their sand castle. Used condoms on the sidewalk where we walk to school. Dirty diapers in the parking lots. Come on people clean up your own crap!
  • My daughter's bad dreams.
  • Female Doctors that tell my daughter her incredible picky and troublesome eating habits are the reason for her "cute" and tiny little figure. We changed practices!
  • Moms that dress like their teenage daughters.
  • Cars that weave dangerously in and out of traffic just to stop at the same red light you are at.


b.q. said...

good ones! ditto on all.
I could do a whole book on the wacky doctors subject. shudder, shudder...

ladybug-zen said...

moms who dress liketheir teeneage daughters....gross!


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