Saturday, August 16, 2008

p e t p e e v e s

+ Getting tired of the shovel after shovel
of team spain, the B.M. brains.
More proof that racial profiling
is target-generated,
not unjustly manufactured.
+ Freaks who call the wrong number,
but continue to call you,
over & over…especially late at night…
particularly from a prison in Alabama. Idiot.
+ Jerks that ask me which one
of my twins I like best.
Take your head out of your oshiri
before you talk to me again.
+ The mouthy know-it-all, who can’t help
blurting out an unwanted opinion,
& disrupts or destroys any conversation.
Shut Up.
+ The neighbor’s scruffy dog yapping
+ The other neighbor’s roosters crowing
at 3 A.M.
+ The neighbors-in-foreclosure-who bailed,
leaving starving pets behind.

Hmmmm, despite all the annoying freak shows,
we’ve made it through another wacky week;
everyone is healthy & happy.
I can count my Blessings.


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