Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jam Secession

At the close of what was a typical school day Wednesday, we had a jam secession.

Our band included:
A Super grumpy 2nd grader, a super sleepy 3 year old, and a

caffeine-loaded-so-I-can-stay-up-to-watch-the-beach-volleyball- Olympics mom.

Music of choice:
Jimmy Buffet

Guitar, electric drums, tambourine.

How it played out:
We turned the music up so loud that it didn't matter that none of us actually has any ability to play the guitar. But we jammed! We also sang, again with the music, so loud that it didn't matter that our family has been blessed with the type of voice that makes the dogs start to sing with us. And we danced for over an hour. Nothing but smiles and noise. It was so much fun.

1 comment:

b.q. said...

I'll join you rock stars on keyboard next time! Bet you & your Sistahs know all the Beastie Boys lyrics, but can't remember even a glimmer of what you learned in school. Music is the key!


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