Friday, August 22, 2008

A General Contractor deserves a few Happy Perks

First off, My M.A.N. is an amazing General Contractor.
All his jobs are by referral,
or new jobs for previous customers.
We haven't had to advertise since 1994; the year of the big Northridge earthquake. Every now & then, the Family gets surprise perks from the jobs.
Such as, a brand new jacuzzi!
A young professional couple in a high-end beach house
decided that they didn't want this jacuzzi,
as we completed their home renovation.
Why? They didn't have time to use it.
So, if M.A.N. could get it out of their yard,
he could have it.
Oh... OK, he thought he could work something out.
Meanwhile, at home, why was he taking up his weekend to pour a concrete slab in our backyard? What is that big truck doing unloading a huge THING in our driveway? Wow, is that a jacuzzi? NO WAY! Electrician? Pool guy?'s already hooked up? Bubble, bubble, bubble. Heat. Light.
SPLASH! Ahhhhhh. Life is Great.
We love you, my M.A.N. Arigato.



Anonymous said...

normally my running commentary regarding the MAN involves sticking it to him,but in this case i'd say, well, you gotta love the M.A.N.

very nice!

Sheri said...

That's a great perk! Looks pretty relaxing.


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