Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sparkles in My Mind

...a glimpse of things I love.
~ My Family!
~ Our celebrations & feasts, with
music & laughter all day long.
~ Excellent Health.
~ Watching my Girls take flight,

& soar to greater heights.
~ Mindful meditation.

~ My 2 Grandkids bursting with love.
~ The way my Family, including Grandkids,

sign “I Love You”, when we part.
~ My loyal pal, our German Shepherd, Bandit.
~ Music ~ a variety of everything.

[now playing – Back Door To My Heart
John Corbett]
~ Adventures to new places.
~ Sampling a different cuisine.
~ Watching any Family member perform.
~ Being an R.N. for 30 years, & still loving it.
~ Our secret cove.
~ Weathering the tsunamis of marriage & family,

and knowing that I can hold my head
above water…always.
~ Learning, always learning.
~ The intoxicating fragrance of
my gardenias & lavender,
as I walk up our weathered brick
entry steps, & unlock the front door.

I am home.


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