Wednesday, October 28, 2009

wedding toppers and paper flowers whimsy

~ don't you think that every day should bring smiles and little happy creations to enjoy? Sarah Neuberger has the perfect eye for blending thoughtful design and color in her own kawaii way at
Sarah Neuburger, the artist behind The Small Object, reexamines everyday surfaces like fingerprints and clothespins and turns them into whimsical, quirky collectibles. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is currently stocked in stores worldwide. From wooden dolls to rubber stamps, her collection has a friendly sensibility that is rather kawaii, despite being from the South, and full of unique characters and drawings.

~ Sarah's paper flower creation would brighten any day.

~ the celebration candle kids are the most adorable candle holders ever...
~ we adore her charming wedding toppers. custom memories with a smile...

sweet cupcake toppers too...

~ perfect keepsakes...

~ visit Sarah's shop: thesmallobject on Etsy to see more of her whimsical unique selections.

Thanks, Sarah!

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