Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Water Drops, Wolves, and Ribbons...

~ My brother, Dr B, has a lovely and talented friend, who is a "fine art story teller". Whether it is with animals, people, or nature, Sera transforms life and memories into beautiful art. Her water drop paintings are so peaceful. She has also created cool fund raising pictures such as the warm painting of Tiaga and Minka, for the California Wolf Center in Julian, CA.
Sera's website is::
oh gosh it's autumn again!Tiaga and Minka

~ We always have a box of ribbons from holidays & birthday gifts; all too pretty to throw out, but will we really use them again? Here is a great project to try - just in time to brighten up the coming holiday celebrations. Clever coasters created with ribbons,

by chica and jo

~ We are longing for a visit to our secret cove. An Autumn cruise on the Lake would be perfect. If there is any doubt, here is a peek at Lake Mojave in the Fall...

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