Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Project Kaisei

"The “Plastic Vortex,” or what is sometimes referred to as the “garbage patch,” is within an area that is technically referred to as the the North Pacific Subtropical Convergence Zone. This area does not have rigid physical boundaries, and varies seasonally in both size and position. Floating patches have been reported by sailors and fishermen, but relative to the large area of the North Pacific Ocean, large masses are not observed frequently. No one really knows how big this area is, and this is one reason for further testing and analysis by Project Kaisei’s science team". Visit Project Kaisei.

We love the beach. 5 generations of our Family have lingered peacefully on the sand, and jumped happily into the sea; from Huntington Beach to Ventura. We always leave the beach cleaner than when we arrive. It’s not hard. It’s common sense. It’s respect.

Too many people are choosing to trash the ocean. The disgusting plastic pollution, mixed with other random debris, is turning the Pacific into a dangerous garbage dump. Please take a look at the current mission of Project Kaisei. Yes, you do have 6 minutes to spare.

Project Kaisei Capturing the Plastic Vortex

Kaisei means Sea Star in Japanese.

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