Sunday, October 25, 2009

Etsy excellence, Foodzie flavor

~ sweet, adventurous, and cuddly characters created by minu,
over in Wellington, New Zealand.

Curiosity... - Tetiville No.1"a two colour drypoint print on 200g acid free 100% cotton paper "

Who is afraid - The journey No. 2

"a one colour woodcut print on 180g acid free 100% cotton paper "

~ like her style? see more on her lovely website:
Schlaf [shla:f] german n. sleep

soooo adorable!


go-go beans

"GoGo Beans® are our scientifically irreverent and highly potent energy snack. We start by cooking up carefully selected Robusta beans (which have the highest naturally occurring caffeine of all coffees). Then, we generously coat them in cocoa and a sugar shell which is fortified with more caffeine, ginseng, taurine, and B vitamins. Get Beaned! ®"

java rocks - for kids of all ages! Easy to Eat® Java Rocks® Black contain only slightly more caffeine than plain chocolate and make a delicious, anytime, treat for kids of all ages. Java Rocks® use our exclusive Eating Roast® coffee, but instead of coating the whole beans, we finely grind the coffee and "volcano blend" it with cocoa. How this all takes the shape of sugar coated, lava colored, rocks is our secret. Try them on top of ice cream or frozen yogurt!

see more tempting coffee treats by::

Eating Roast – How do you take your coffee? a Mom Owned® enterprise that selects and roasts coffee exclusively for confectionery. can we resist?

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