Monday, September 21, 2009


Our Dad built an amazing treehouse
for us around 50 years ago.
It sat perfectly in a healthy orange tree.
The entire structure was built from
branches of other trees that had
fallen in the yard.
Nestled securely in the sturdy limbs
of a tree near our garage;
even the ladder was carefully constructed
from various lengths of strong branches.
The dense leaves on the tree limbs, which
hugged our treehouse, provided a peaceful
shady retreat - even in the scorching summer.
All of our friends loved coming up for
hours of happy loafing around in the sky.
I remember our buddies sneaking treats
out of their homes, just to share
with everyone in the treehouse.
Chocolate chip cookie dough, dried apricots,
or even a box of sweet Jello powder.
Everyone was welcome. It was the best.
Occasionally, I would steal some
precious time alone, and scramble up
the ladder with a good book,
& read to my hearts content.
Ahhhh, sweet memories.
Arigato, ‘Tochan.

~ Today, treehouses have
taken on a new dimension.
Let’s take a peek at who & what
the treehouse world
revolves around now.
It’s awesome & amazing!
Read about Dustin Feider
Design with a Conscience
Dustin Feider is out to revolutionize not merely treehouses but the entire concept of habitat. For Feider, the treehouse is a symbol of the entire sustainability movement and a beacon of hope for man’s survival. The O2 Treehouse is a combination of formal sculptural sensibilities, functional design and an environmentalist’s passion.

and his 02 Treehouse blog

beautiful & outstanding concepts.

Great job, Dustin!

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