Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Treehouses Around The World

Treehouse Spheres in Canada
Elite Treehouse in Europe by:Baumraum
Typical Treehouse of West Papua's Kombai and Korowai

~ Especially for the kids...
imagination is the key,
and Daniels Woodland is
one of the top custom creators
of treehouses.
Whether your vision is a Lincoln Lodge,
a Pirate theme, or a Monkey House,
the talented team at
Daniels Woodland will make
your dream treehouse come true.
If you don't live around majestic trees,
don't worry...
they even provide the perfect tree!

~ How about a treehouse get away?
Have a peek at a few paradise rentals
in and around Hawaii & China::

~ A look into the future.
An international treehouse competion
featured treehouses submitted by architects
and builders from countries around the world:
by: Robert Garneau by: Marianne Bar, Jens Kolb,Peter Dorr
by: M.Turin
~ One of the most breathtaking treehouse creations is the Cedar Creek Treehouse Observatory overlooking Mt Ranier. A spiral staircase to heaven was created to ascend to the rainbow bridge in the sky.
An awe-inspiring walk on the rainbow bridge takes you across to the
obervatory structure...incredible.

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volcano gail said...

I invite you to visit my treehouse in Hawaii virtually via my blog:

In about a month it will be ready to stay in when you visit the Big Island!


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