Monday, September 7, 2009

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Influenza A virus subtype H1N1
~ It’s inevitable – school starts,
ushering in the cold and flu season.
The severity of each flu virus is fluid,
and the safety of the flu shot
is another discussion.
There are 99+ known cold viruses
Whether or not you get
one of the flu shots,
they are not 100% effective,
& they don't protect you from
any cold virus.
So, common sense tells you
that any steps to help prevent
you and your family from getting sick
should be practiced with care.
Here are a handful of
happy health tips
that should really be
part of everyone’s daily routine::

1) Wash your hands often.
One of the most common ways
people pick up a virus is by
rubbing their nose or their eyes
after their hands have been
contaminated with the nasty germs.
Remember to wash your hands especially:
>before, during, and after preparing food
>before eating
>after you use the bathroom
>after contact with animals or animal waste.
(pets have assorted bacteria.
reptiles are hot on the salmonella list.)
>anytime your hands are dirty. duh.
>Don’t forget right after school,
any shopping trip, the gym,
after eating at restaurants,
going to a show or mall,
or just hanging out with friends.
> more frequently if there is
somebody ill at home.
>and use disposable paper towels
in the bathroom when someone is sick.

2) Routinely clean toys and
other objects the little ones put
in their mouths with soap and hot water.
Disinfect surfaces that everyone touches::
door knobs, light switches, phones,
remotes, cabinet doors, ‘frige,
microwave, car door handles, steering wheel,
computer keyboard & mouse, etc.
It will help to wipe surfaces with paper towels or antimicrobial wipes that can be thrown away, or wash all cloth towels in hot water after using.

3) Immediately throw away tissues
used to wipe or blow the sick person’s nose.
Teach kids not to drop dirty tissues
all over the house.

4) Teach the family 'cough etiquette',
which the American Academy of Pediatrics
describes as teaching children to turn
their heads and cough or sneeze into a
disposable tissue or the inside of
their elbow (if no tissue).
NO coughing or sneezing directly
into hands. This ends up spreading germs
onto everything they touch.

5) Avoid exposing people
if you are sick; don't go to school,
daycare, work, social events, etc.

6) Avoid subjecting your kids to
unnecessary contact with a lot of people
in large crowds. You can’t always tell
when people are sick. People can be
contagious before they start showing
or feeling symptoms. Be smart – just don't
expose your younger kids to large
crowds of people if you don't have to.

7) Take your own personal reusable
water bottle to work or school,
instead of using a public water fountain,
which is probably swimming with germs,
especially during cold and flu season.
8) Replace all air or HVAC filters in your home
with good HEPA filters to help eliminate the
airborn gems around the house.

~ A few additional tips from Dr Mercola
“Make choices that promote strong immune function. A few examples include: switching from coffee to tea consumption which has antibacterial and antiviral action; eating garlic liberally, for its antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal activity; and adding yogurt to your diet as it sets up a beneficial situation in the colon, helping to strengthen this underpinning of good health.”

“Useful early homeopathic prevention includes the use of Oscillococcinum or other potentised flu products or Ferrum phos cell salt for early stages of feverish conditions. Sometimes these homeopathic medicines can stop an illness in the early stages.”

“As a prevention measure, take a good high potency multivitamin-mineral from a health food store, naturopathic physician or other natural health practitioner, daily, with at least 1000 mg. vitamin C, 50,000 IU vitamin A (unless pregnant), 400 IU vitamin E, 15 mg. zinc and 25+ mg. of the B vitamins.”

“Take a long, hot bath with a teaspoon of added Eucalyptus or Thyme oil (unless you are taking homeopathic medicines). Towel-dry and then pop into bed for a deep rest.”

Eat healthy, drink plenty of pure water, get adequate rest, exercise, get a little sunshine. Stay well. Be happy!

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