Saturday, September 12, 2009

Etsy Excellence

Homemade marshmallow.
Espresso brownies with dulce de leche.

Are you drooolin yet?

Chocolate chilli cashew biscotti.
Honey lavender shortbread.
Hazelnut chocolate whisky sandwich


Go see the wonderfully enticing shop, Whimsy and Spice, at Etsy.
also check out their blog! Sweet fine day


Time to visit
Everyone needs a little protection & reassurance
in their pocket during tough times.
from Sweden...
LillaJizo creates the perfect
Healing Stones and Shards;
Protective and comforting gifts from the beach.
These artful stones are reflections of Lilla Jizo,
Little Jizo in Swedish. Jizo is
my favorite protector and helper
of women, children, & travelers.
Jizo’s vow is not to stop his efforts as long as
there is still a single being
suffering in the world.
Japanese Buddhism peace at hand.
LillaJizo provides a beautiful array of
Healing stones and shards
in the spirit of Jizo.
Perfect for all who are
near & dear to your heart.

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