Friday, February 20, 2009


~ Here is recreational ping pong for
one martial arts Master:
~ DJ down over 200 this morning. Hmmm.
A Santelli Tea Party might be the
skin in the game.
~ 5ive more of the
Fifty Habits of Highly Successful People
source:: Lifehack May 12, 2008
26. They become exceptional by choice.
27. They work through the tough stuff that most would avoid.
28. They have identified what is important to them and they do their best to live a life which is reflective of those values.
29. They have balance. They know that money is a tool and ultimately, it’s just another resource.
30. They understand the importance of discipline and self-control.

~ and a peek at the blog:

This pup taking a bath in golden curry
looks too cute to devour (almost).
We'd rather cuddle with him or
scratch his little chin. And he's waving!
We don't know the name of the original artist
that crafted this adorable meal,
but we found the photo at PJ Lighthouse. " By law, everyone should get rid of those unsightly black tire covers and roll with this. Warning: this is not an actual sushi roll. Please refrain from chasing the car or you might get run over. "

Rice Patty Art Pink Tentacle.

… I recently stumbled upon the Asian Food Grocer, & am ordering an assortment of Japanese food that is not available close to home. Plus, the AFG’s prices beat the few stores around here that offer some Asian fare. I will be visiting their blog regularly for great food tips, interesting links, and smiles.

~ Everyone stay safe, keep on truckin’, & have a great weekend.


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