Friday, February 13, 2009


The fear of Friday the 13th is called
2 more this year:
in March, followed by Nov.
A triple Friday the 13th
happens every 11 years.

~ The stimulus package is over 1000 pages.
It was posted late last night
for Congress to read.
Seems like a lot of crucial reading
would’ve had to been accomplished
by each member of Congress
within a few overnight hours.
Are any of them ready to debate this issue?
I’m sure they all want to know
exactly what they are voting on,
don’t’ you?

~ I don’t recall any President having
such a troubled time appointing a cabinet.
"change" keeps slipping away...

~ Happy Birthday to
Presidents Lincoln & Washington.
What would they think
of this great country now?

~ Tomorrow is Valentines Day.
Be Happy. Count your Blessings.
Do something thoughtful for
each special person,
who makes your life better.
A smile & a hug can spread the joy.


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