Saturday, February 28, 2009

listen to the warm

It was an incredibly warm morning.
Clouds hovered high like hot smoke rings
in the sky. A perfect day for football.
Youth sports can be good for the soul.
It's great to see children with boundless
energy learning to be part of a team;
trying hard to give it their best shot.
Good job JFF & JJF!
~ that being said,
here's a hot topic:
Do you care? Seriously?
Will the “change” begin with you?
Will you be a complicit dribble
of the lost generation?

~ Now, take a deep breath, & get your
shoulders out of your ears. Decompress
with a brilliant deep sea adventure.
Nature can be amazing…

~ I was admiring my Granddaughter’s
lovely hair yesterday; such natural beauty…

~And then, in the still of the morning,
I felt the same wonderment at sunrise...


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