Saturday, January 17, 2009

So Cal Winter Wonderland

first a
pet peeves
short list:
Ø Genius beach rookies thinking
it’s fun to feed the seagulls,
& then having to throw
shoes at them all day.

Ø A mountain of local retail
going belly up.

Ø No Japanese food market close by.

Ø Not having all the yummy recipes
that Mom had in her head.

Ø Not living at the beach
That being said...
What do you do
in the middle of winter,
when it’s 80º ?
Crave some fresh sea air?
Dream of building a sand castle?
Where can you see
pelicans diving,
happy seals playing,
graceful dolphins,
magnificent gray whales?
Try Zuma Beach.
Winter Wonderland

sun, surf, sand, & lotsa love.


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