Wednesday, December 3, 2008

happy humpday

Success is more a function of
consistent common sense
than it is of genius.
An Wang
One of Dad’s quotes...
Common sense tells me it’s so!
He always seemed to be a genius to me.

~ Arigato to cf & my s-i-l, jf, for having the
Thanksgiving Family invasion at their home.
After a big dose of creative planning,
the entire Family came together
at their lovely home on Thanksgiving.
Delicious pot luck contributions
and car pooling all blended happily.
I love Family celebrations.

~ The Family ended Thanksgiving
with a wild game of BLURT.
So much laughter & hilarious responses.
The game itself is excellent.
Players ranged from a zippy 7 year old
to Dr Uncle B [the brain researcher],
& everyone in between.
BLURT was uncomplicated,
but a bit challenging for all levels. Pure fun.

~ During the past year, I sadly anticipated that we’d hear about increases in domestic violence and violent crimes,
when the economy plunged in free fall mode.
Be extra aware & stay safe wherever you go.
If the bakayaros are
packin’ heat at a Toys R’Us,
then you can expect guns anywhere.

~ Cyber Monday! Good deals overflowing to the rest of the holiday shopping season. Great shopping opportunity - cozy slippers, with
a hot cuppa joe. Free shipping on top of discounts is the key.

~ Welcoming suggestions for Christmas day ~
breakfast, lunch, & dinner.
Snacks? Beverages? Dessert?
How healthy can we be?
Let us see…
~ All moons are named...
December, Cold Moon,
The cold of winter sets in.

~ as we all try to be eco-friendly...Oh, yes! the boyz do think green...


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