Saturday, November 8, 2008

pet peeves

Ø way toooo many people jumping aboard the
Pity Train
[soooo weak]
Ø raising our taxes before cutting administrative waste.
[tighten your own belts first]
Ø prop 8
[wrong, wrong, wrong]
Ø kids in this recession learning to be victims
instead of warriors
[raising the young & weak]
Ø broken promises
[trust killer]
Ø a 2nd grade teacher not knowing the difference
between the red & blue parties,
elephant or donkey!?
[whoa, we’re in big trouble here]
Ø flu season
[pure misery]
Ø health care often floating in a toilet
[+ prohibitive costs]
Ø college students getting hit in crosswalks…
2 hit & runs near us in the last month.
1 fatality.
[please, please, please drive safely!]


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