Saturday, November 1, 2008

pet peeves

Ø CSUN students who pig-park in front of our home,
taking up 2 spots at the curb, dumping their
fast food trash on the parkway, cleaning out their car,
beer cans & ashtrays into the street.
(Let me just take your crap &

dump it on your momma’s lap)
Ø Trash day scavengers at 3 A.M.
(it’s your life, but it’s MY sleep)
Ø Vicious dogs loose anywhere in public
(or really, it’s the idiot owners that deserve my wrath)
Ø When being P.C. precludes common sense
(you know who you are)
Ø Kids tormenting other kids relentlessly.

Sick & twisted.
(the parents are no doubt the same ones

with the vicious dogs)
Ø Citizen journalism gone wrong.
(evil with no oversight)
Ø Another City worker on my list:

the crossing guard who sleeps,
as kids run wild, crossing alone.
What a lazy useless lump of lard!
(complaint filed. kids at risk.

our taxes wasted for that ???)
Ø Financial illiteracy rampant in this nation.
(to the tune of :: bye, bye, ms american pie :: )
Ø Older very rude kids trick-r-treating

– late – no costume - no bag.
(is that a gun in your pocket???)


1 comment:

Jenni said...

Yeah, top of my pet peeve list would have the people who park in front of our house and take both spaces so we have to park around the block. My arms are always full of lunch bags, preschool artwork, purse, kiddie toys, loose tupperware =that falls out of the breakfast bag, groceries, sweaters (mine and hers). So I appreciate when I am able to park in front of my house.


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