Thursday, October 9, 2008

new sparkles in my mind…

~ recent happy moments..
  • DD being accepted into a great RN program. I’ll never understand why it’s so hard to get into a nursing program. Excellent; a new chapter in her life. Congrats with love. Dream big! You can do it!
  • KK officially becoming a Certified Personal Trainer at age 19 – Extraordinary!, & as her Uncle Dr B said, “ She‘s our Million Dollar Bebe!” ( just a lucrative part time job as she zips through college)
  • BB enthusiastically pursuing both of her passions: art & animals. Who says you can’t do both? Exciting great things to come…gifted genius!
  • C.F. getting down to business, seeking new ways to make a quantum leap in the worst economy of our lifetime; turning this depressing recession into a chance of a lifetime. WOW!
  • M.A.N. being told by Mrs Puck, that she refuses to have any other contractor work on her home. Cool job, yummy Puck pizza for lunch – lucky! Also working on Mario’s new Mozza-To-Go. Yum again. Never mind that they are 2 of my favorite chefs.
  • Enjoying the once a week little “date” that M.A.N. finds time for; usually a leisurely dinner, & an adventure. Treasured time together.
  • Realizing how much I’ve learned in depth about real estate, stocks, & business in the past 5 years. Never too late to learn more! So different from nursing though; no level of conscience or ethics.
  • Finding bliss, listening to MY music now, throughout the day, taking breaks at will, playing with my doggie-buddy, Bandit, planning a moss faerie garden under my young Jacaranda. Perks of working at home, with the Girls out & about; busy with college & work. Solitude can be golden!
  • Enjoying every chance to soak up the love & youth from my 2 precious Grandkids. It's all about the circle of life.
  • Beautiful orchids blooming on the little plant I bought 2 years ago at Thanksgiving, when we dedicated the celebration to Mom & Dad.

::love eternal::

  • Life is good.

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