Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Progressive Dinner

Today, our lovely Jules has a Girl Scout meeting.
I thought back to some of the happy memories
I have of Girl Scouts. Back in the day,
I enjoyed a favorite Girl Scout activity
that we never hear about today.
"Progressive Dinner"
Seemed like everyone loved this,
and we always had a great turn out.
Here’s how it worked: Around 5 Moms
would volunteer to each prepare one course
of a dinner. Appetizers, salad or soup, main dish,
veggies or other side dishes, beverages, & dessert.
A caravan of Moms would take the Girl Scout troop
from house to house for a yummy part of
the dinner, progressing from appetizers to dessert.
It was very casual, & full of delicious surprises.
The Moms were great; always thinking of
unusual decorations or little party favors
or take home treats. The food was so delicious,
and every dish was kept a secret. Walking into
one friendly home after another,
& being hit with new amazing aromas
of mouth watering delights.
Yum on the run!
Happy tummy time!


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