Saturday, September 20, 2008

pet peeves

Ø Stepping on dog poop, gum, or any bodily excretion.
Ø Parents not keeping a close eye on

their kids at swim parties.
(Bless the responsible Parents who hire lifeguards for these pool parties!)
Ø Filthy trash left at the lake, the beach, the park, etc.

(especially dirty diapers!)
Ø The plethora of germs on escalator rails, gas pumps, public drinking fountains, & apparently on slices of lemons in restaurants.

(no, I’m not a germaphob)
Ø Gophers.

(Dad eliminated them by putting in
a big swimming pool. Ha!)
Ø Digital cable outage
Ø Big fat pig-ass City workers stopping their work,

to gawk at my Daughters as they
leave for school or work.
(Where’s my tazer?)
Ø Any employee at an eatery picking their nose.

(uhhh, gotta go.)
Ø The smell of natto.

(As a child, I had to leave the table.)
Ø Biting flies on my German Shepherd’s ears. (ouch)
Ø OTC meds packaging that is impossible to open.

(ohhh, my sinus headache is exploding!)


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