Monday, September 8, 2008

neighborhood watch

Great concept; potentially worth the time & effort.
Our M.A.N. is the “Block Captain” of our
Neighborhood Watch group. He also says that
he’s the youngest member at the meetings.
Hmmmm. Apathy of young families?
Everyone knows there is increased crime in
all areas, with this dismal economy.
Last week, we had the catalytic converters
ripped off 3 Toyota trucks on our block!
Time to step up, & help protect your property & family.
Get to know your Senior Lead Officer,
& help develop the motivation and continuity
to protect your Family, neighborhood,
your home, & friends. If the Watch group
is not working, at least know your
neighbors – who can you trust?...
who should you steer clear of?
Sadly, we’ve found that the main glitch
with the Neighborhood Watch program,
is that some neighbors are the ones
who actually need to be watched.
Even in high-end, security gated areas,
there are undesirable neighbors.
Scary, sketchy, skanky – you name it!
Take the time to get involved and informed.
Sign up for e-policing, & know
what’s happening in your area.
Be cautious answering your door.
Security systems, including video cameras,
are a worthwhile investment.
Tell your family & friends who & what
to watch out for. Remember,
the best defense is a strong offense!
Be the difference; keep your precious
Family & Home safe & happy.
Be your own Neighborhood Watch.

Doesn’t hurt to have a BIG dog in the yard too!


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