Thursday, September 11, 2008

growing up green

I can hear Dad’s voice every time
I discard something,
We were raised living a life of recycling,
long before the ecology-conservation-green
idea was popular. Mom even
collected the white plastic strings that
were tied around the L.A. Times each
morning, & carefully crocheted cute purses.I remember my Grandma, Aunties, & Mom
braiding all their old nylon stockings,
& then stitching them together into
comfortable circular rugs. I still can’t
throw away any old tees that can be
cut into useful rags. C.F. walks her daughter
to & from school, even in the rain.
She frequently has neighbors remarking
about it; as if walking is the most unusual
form of transportation ever invented.
When Mom passed away, the one piece
of memory C.F. asked for, was to keep
her ‘Bachan’s jars, which were full of
assorted old buttons. Dad’s old work shop
is lined in old coffee cans & mason jars,
packed with old screws, washers,
and other odds & ends. We don’t dare
throw any of them away…
you’ll have a need for it,
as soon as it goes into the trash.
When we were young, an old orange tree
fell in the yard. Dad swiftly cut up the branches,
& built a magnificent tree house for us.
Even the ladder was made of sturdy limbs.
We spent hours with our friends
up in that tree house. I wish I had pictures
of that secret hideaway. To this day, my Dad’s
big compost pod stands weathered & splintered
in the back yard. My Brother lives in the
old Family Home now, & faithfully dumps
his organic scraps into the compost heap.
He also scatters his used coffee grounds
around the garden. Nothing seems to leave us
until it self destructs on its own.
So, for our Family, Green is just another name
for the way we’ve always lived.
Now the 4G ~ our 4th Generation of being Green.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this is inspirational.

my grandmother and grandfather are exactly like that as a well. they keep everything, recycle and reuse things until they disentegrate. they have always been my heros.


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