Saturday, August 2, 2008

pet peeves

monku, monku, monku...

  • Brilliant to outlaw talking on cell phones while driving, BUT NOT INCLUDE A BAN ON TEXTING WHILE DRIVING. Are you serious???
  • This tragedy happens way too frequently: the mom who took her under 2 yr old toddler shopping, got back home, ‘forgot’ he was in the car seat, & then didn’t noticed him missing until much later, around 5 P.M. Sure, run out to your silent car, with the windows rolled up, boiling in 90+ degree heat, & find your tortured baby dead. Breaks my heart. Just shatters my heart. Unfriggenbelievable.
  • The NOT-A-Mommas who have a tribe of little kids, but can’t seem to watch them while crossing a street. Can’t seem to be able to teach them not to throw their crap & trash all over the neighborhood. Never stops them from destroying the landscape, vandalizing, & stealing from the neighbors. Looks the other way when they shoplift. Doesn’t care that they come home from 2nd grade with another kid’s jacket, back pack, money. Surprise, 5 years later, can’t seem to keep them out of Juvenile Hall.

(SAD Fact: the highest census of kids was on Thanksgiving weekend, when I worked at J.H. )

  • Road rage.
  • DUI. DWI.


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