Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pet Peeves (part 2)

Ø Self absorbed freaks who talk endlessly only about themselves.
Ø Kids who respect nobody, including themselves.
Ø Parents who allow their kids to disrespect the world.
Ø Dog owners, who let their doggies crap

all over your lawn,
but fail to pick it up.
Ø Promises that are nothing but intentional lies.
Ø Lazy slobs.
Ø Ants & filthy flies in the house.
Ø Running out of gas.
Ø Restaurants getting your order all wrong.
Ø Jerks who can’t say “Thanks”, when you hold the door open for them.

From BB:
~ Guys with long dirty fingernails.
~ People who get something gross on their hand, &
then wipe it on you.

From DD:
~ Getting interrupted.
~ Smokers.

From KK: ~ The unrealistic fool, who doesn’t take care of his own mental, physical, & emotional health…but thinks he has room to talk about and criticize others.


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